Hoping for a handout

There’s nothing cuter than a tufted titmouse…

2017_03_15_Places_Chagrin River Park_0045

2017_03_15_Places_Chagrin River Park_0050

2017_03_15_Places_Chagrin River Park_0049

…Unless it’s a black-capped chickadee!

2017_03_15_Places_Chagrin River Park_0052
2017_03_15_Places_Chagrin River Park_0063

And both are hard to resist when they’re hoping for a handout!

Thanks for stopping by today!
Trail Walker

7 Replies to “Hoping for a handout”

  1. Your bird pictures are fabulous. Such dear little birds. Chickadees are the Maine state bird, and as a dear friend once noted, they are plentiful but never common. Yes, yes!

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