New day—New trail walk

2018_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0064

Good morning, Trail Walkers. I hope you’re ready for another trek along the trails in Chagrin River Park. It never get monotonous for me when I’m out on the trail, but recently I’m seeing the same birds day after day. Here’s hoping that the coming of spring will soon bring some migratory birds back to the  trails.  My photos from yesterday are all birds, but I was drawn to the image at the top of today’s page because it shows more of the meadow. I hope you like it. Here are a few more regulars that posed for a photo  opp yesterday:

2018_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0001
Blue jay
2018_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0003
He’s happy to find a peanut!

There was plenty of titmouse action this morning. These little birds make me smile because they are perpetually perky, or at least they seem to be. They even sound perky.

The red-winged blackbird is one of the earliest signs of spring in Northeast Ohio. Long before other noticeable signs and sounds of spring appear along the trails, the harsh nasal voice of this bird tells a trail walker that spring is coming. It’s always a good sound to hear, even though experience reminds me that the trees won’t be budding and blooming any time soon… at least not here along the south shore of Lake Erie.

2018_03_26__Chagrin River Park_00472018_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0049

Let’s end today’s trail walk with a perennial favorite. Everyone recognizes this bird. The state bird of Ohio and several other states, the cardinal lives here year-round, and looks especially beautiful when I spot it on a tree branch, surrounded by freshly fallen snow.

2018_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0058

I’m thankful there wasn’t any snow along the trail yesterday.  I’ve had enough for this year. True spring can’t arrive soon enough for me!

Thanks for stopping by today.
See you in a few days.
~Trail Walker

17 Replies to “New day—New trail walk”

  1. What a beautiful site! One of my fellow bloggers, Uncle Tree, has pointed me in your direction. I am an avid walker and enjoy my favorite park for my daily walk, but like to stray to other nature trails. I have just gotten a recreation pass to visit some of SE Michigan’s many state parks. Since you are in Ohio, I know that you, just like me, are ready to make the most of the Spring weather (if it ever arrives) after that wicked Winter. I was sorry to miss a walk this morning due to this rain. I am happy to tag along with you and vicariously enjoy your walk with you … happy trails!

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      1. Yes it has been an overlong Winter Carolyn. It has been cold but sunny most of March here, but the last week has not been so great. I suspect when I go to my favorite nature nook, (a park near a creek which is woodsy and just a mile from my home, right in the middle of the City), that I will likely find it soggy and wet on the asphalt path. Hopefully it will be above freezing by then so I don’t need to worry about black ice.

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      2. That’s for sure Carolyn. It is always on my mind and a fellow blogger who lives near Traverse City, Michigan was walking to her mailbox at the end of her property, back in January. She slipped on black ice hidden under a thin layer of snow. Broke her hand in three places, had surgery with three pins put in, and even though she has had two months of physical therapy, still has much swelling and limited mobility right now. Luckily it is not her dominant hand, but still very scary.


  2. I love the red winged blackbirds, always a treat to see them. We still have snow on the ground in central Maryland. So ready for spring too! Great photos!

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