Short post: Cute birds, few words!

2018_03_31__Chagrin River Park_01462018_03_31__Chagrin River Park_01332018_03_31__Chagrin River Park_0116

No time for a trail walk today, and to tell the truth, trail walking when the wind is almost strong enough to blow me over (slightly exaggerated, but not much!) is not something I’m likely to do. Here’s hoping we will see some serious improvements in the current version of “spring” by this time next week!

Thanks for stopping by today.
See you again as soon as the weather warms up
and the wind stops “blowing a hoolie!”
Trail Walker

5 Replies to “Short post: Cute birds, few words!”

  1. Beautiful images … I didn’t stray to the Park today for the same reason. I stayed in the neighborhood, where there is no joy in pounding the cement pavement and two miles was all I could muster.

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      1. I hope this is the end of the cold as they say mid-week will be in the 50s. How do you take pictures and keep your fingers warm when it is so cold Carolyn? I have those fingerless gloves that convert to mittens when you flip the tops over. They are wool, but a loose knit. I find they don’t keep my fingers warm enough and I thought for next Winter I’d get a pair of form-fitting Isotoner gloves for flexibility but full-finger protection. I’ve seen some gloves online but those are more for professional photographers who have to be outside for long periods of time. I sure froze this morning at 24 degees and windchill in the teens. I like the peace and quiet of the morning at the parks, even when it is cold.

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