Iridescent feathers, wattles, and a snood

Read on to find out what those words have to do with this trail walk.

Yesterday, our temperature, which has been stuck (seemingly forever) near the freezing mark, soared to 75 degrees. I could scarcely believe it! Today is almost the same…a good day for a walk in the park. But before I turn to spring, here are a few more pictures from my last trail walk. Has spring finally sprung?

I headed down the trail to check out the owls’ nest and got a surprise. Meandering around beneath the owl tree was a rafter of wild turkeys. Take a look at the pattern and colors of their feathers, especially their heads. They are strange-looking birds:
2018_04_11__Chagrin River Park_0094
2018_04_11__Chagrin River Park_0085
2018_04_11__Chagrin River Park_0023

Although I was totally unaware of this important fact, and probably the turkeys are also, wild turkey hunting in the northeast zone of Ohio opens to hunters on Monday, April 30. These colorful birds with their iridescent feathers and pink and blue wattles, would be advised to stay in the park where hunting is prohibited until the season ends.

Who knew? Did you?
  • The long, red, fleshy area that grows from the forehead over the bill is a “snood” while the fleshy growth under the turkey’s throat is called a wattle.
  • A group of turkeys is called a “rafter.”
  • Male turkeys are called toms. Females are called hens.
  • Only tom turkeys gobble. Hens make a clucking sound.
  • Baby turkeys are called poults.
  • Male turkeys have pink and red faces, and when aroused, red, white and blue heads.

That’s it for today, and it may be more than you really wanted to know about turkeys, but they are interesting critters and words fascinate me. I’m off to the park now.  it’s time to enjoy some rare spring weather.

See you soon, Trail Walkers!

9 Replies to “Iridescent feathers, wattles, and a snood”

  1. Still cold in Maine, with freezing rain predicted for tomorrow. Wonderful turkey photos and facts. I wonder if we look strange to them? Good luck, turkeys. Stay in the park!

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    1. Thanks, Laurie. They seem to be unaware of the people and deer and will walk right among them along the trail. Our springlike weather came to an end after two gorgeous days. The week ahead is predicted to be mostly in the 40s with lots of rain and overcast skies. This is the one time of year I do not like living on the south shore of Lake Erie. There aren’t enough sunny days.


  2. We had that crazy warm weather yesterday and I enjoyed an evening walk since rain had intruded on my regular walking time. It seemed unnatural to have it be that warm after being so cold the day before. I didn’t know all those facts about turkeys … maybe just wattle and snood and that’s it. Hope they stay where they are safe, away from the hunters. Let the hunters get their turkey at Meijer or Kroger. 🙂

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