It’s time to celebrate!

When I set out for my trail walk this afternoon,  everything and everybody along the trail was celebrating!” Sullen April had finally, if reluctantly, stepped aside and made room for  spring. The sun was shining, flowers bursting into bloom, and bird song filling the air.

Take a look at a few of the celebrants!

2018_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0063
Mallard ducks on their nest (The male looks like he’s ready for a swim in the bog).
2018_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0058
A redwing blackbird scanning the neighborhood from the tallest tree in the bog
2018_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0048
The green heron lurking in the reeds, searching for a tasty tidbit
2018_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0068
A chipmunk enjoying his first taste of the spring air
2018_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0078
A happy redbellied woodpecker clinging to the fence post
2018_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0085
…and another sitting on the railing
2018_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0092
Robin redbreast perched on a budding tree limb
2018_04_30__Chagrin River Park_0112
A northern cardinal, who thinks he is king, scanning the neighborhood

The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month.  ~Wayne Dyer

Here on the south shore of Lake Erie the last month has been a very long one! We’re ready to celebrate SPRING! Thanks for stopping by and joining me for the celebration.

Come back soon!
Trail Walker

8 Replies to “It’s time to celebrate!”

  1. I enjoyed celebrating this real first day of Spring with you and all these beautiful birds that you have captured. Oh, don’t forget that cute little chipmunk, that looked like you could reach out and touch him. I don’t see any of them in the parks I frequent unfortunately.

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