Chagrin Falls, Ohio


On a sunny summer afternoon, after an appointment with my dermatologist, Bob and I drove to Chagrin Falls for lunch and a look at the Falls. The funniest thing we saw was three little ducks swimming upstream and then sliding down the rapids. They repeated their game several times as we stood and watched. Amazed at their derring-do, I tried to get a picture, but from where I was standing,  I was too far away to get a picture of the ducks. I did manage to capture a few other pictures with the Lightroom camera on my iPhone…a good way to remember our visit to the Falls.


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      1. A Swedish photograph I follow goes by a pond and six ducklings hatched in the pond a week ago Monday. He goes to watch them every day and give them sunflower seeds. They now follow him out of the water and he is trying to get them to eat out of his hand. He says they are like kids, playing and diving. Makes you smile.


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