A walk in the park

2018_10_05__Chagrin River Park-Autumn 2018_0041
Friday dawned with sunny, but cool weather, so as soon as the breakfast dishes were cleared off the table, I pulled on a warm jacket and headed to Chagrin River Park. There weren’t many birds willing to pose for a picture, although I did spot a female cardinal. That’s her at the top of this post. Most of the pictures I took today were landscapes and riverscapes, (Is that really a word?) I don’t have time to post them all tonight because my eyes are already at half-mast and bed is calling, but along with the lady cardinal, here are three of my favorites:
2018_10_05__Chagrin River Park-Autumn 2018_00662018_10_05__Chagrin River Park-Autumn 2018_00642018_10_05__Chagrin River Park-Autumn 2018_0057
By afternoon, the clouds you can see in these pictures had turned into drizzle, so I was very thankful that I had put  my trail walk before my housework. I will save the rest of the pictures for tomorrow’s post. Please come back then. (There will be at least two more birds!)

See you tomorrow…
after I finish the housework I neglected today.

~Trail Walker

12 Replies to “A walk in the park”

  1. Beautiful landscape and riverscape (I guess that’s a word – I like it) … and the lady cardinal as well Caroline. We had a total of five torrential rains today – it was a good day to stay in and do my much-neglected housework.

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      1. We have a freeze advisory tonight for tender plants Caroline – just on Tuesday we tied a 1949 record for heat at 86 degrees. Unbelievable weather – hopefully the El Nino we are promised happens and we get lots of enjoyable Winter walks in.


  2. These photos are so much more important for your health and well-being than any housework. Take a trail walk, skip the dusting.


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