Autumn in the Arboretum


It was a perfect day for a trail walk, so I headed to Holden Arboretum because the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and I hoped to find some photos to add to my “Color Me Autumn” collection. Parking my car, I hurried down the trail to the sugar maple tree, which by this time should be showing beautiful color. One glance at the tree, pictured above, told me that Autumn wasn’t making much progress. At least not yet! If I were to give it a grade, based on the colors I could see, I would probably give it a D+ (I’m a tough grader and, based on recent Octobers, my expectations are high). Frosty nights (but not too frosty) and bright, sunshiny days are the necessary conditions  to create the colors that make Autumn my favorite season. Walking all around the tree to view it from all angles, I realized, to my disappointment, that it was still mostly green. It’s a beautiful tree, but green isn’t what I was expecting to see the second week in October. Sigh! Oh well, I’ll just go back to the Arboretum next week and update my Autumn color report. Meanwhile, here are a few more pictures from week two. Although I’m giving today’s trail walk a low grade for “fall color,” it still earns high marks for overall beauty.

2018_10_16__Holden Arboretum_0048
Golden willow tree
2018_10_16__Holden Arboretum_0047
Golden willow tree
2018_10_16__Holden Arboretum_0024
Finally: a fall colored tree!
2018_10_16__Holden Arboretum_0020
Gazebo in the rhododendron garden
2018_10_16__Holden Arboretum_0016
Fisherman’s blind
2018_10_16__Holden Arboretum_0005
Unusual color for Autumn
That’s all for this week, trail walking friends.
See you next week!
Trail Walker

9 Replies to “Autumn in the Arboretum”

  1. These beautiful photos almost look like portraits as they are so perfect Caroline. I had the same thing happen recently when I drove to Lake Erie Metropark only to discover green trees there and not a hint of color. I got home and a representative of “Pure Michigan” tourist bureau was on the radio giving the color report and he said the southern counties in Michigan were the last to turn colors. Like you, I’ll be making a return trip. This Autumn has been like the rest of the seasons – not the norm for sure. October is my favorite month and there has been nothing of the usual October weather this year.

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      1. It sure was and we were to get a snowy/rainy mix on Saturday and it didn’t arrive and it was snowy/rainy today so there went my yard work -the City only picks up for me until the Monday after Thanksgiving so I must hope that next weekend is as dry as they predict it will be. The entire year has been strange – I hope it is not the “new normal”.


  2. Hi Laurie. It’s sunny and cool in northeast Ohio today. Later this week I hope to make another visit to the Arboretum if the weather cooperates. I will report on the conditions if I get there.


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