Oh the indignity!

Mabel wearing plaid hat

I’m a sheepdog…an English sheepdog. An 80 pound girl sheepdog!!! Caring for sheep is a really big responsibility! The sheep have to depend on me. Will anyone think I look dependable and responsible in this hat? Could someone please explain this to my master? I will be eternally grateful! Oh right, I almost forgot…My name is Mabel! You can read more about me in the blog post Trail Walker wrote yesterday.

15 Replies to “Oh the indignity!”

      1. Mabel seems very sweet Carolyn. Today I “met” a Bouvier. I’ve heard the name but never even saw a picture of one. Wow – that was a big dog and full of energy and had so much hair. I took some pictures and will use it in a later post. We had beautiful weather the past two days – you too, since we are practically neighbors? I used that opportunity to go around to all the local parks and take pictures before the snow flies – it was good to get out and walk and look around after all these weekends of rainy or ugly weather!

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      2. This one was overtaking the walking path and had its owner running at the other end of the leash to keep up with it. I got a fairly good picture of the woman and her dog but it would not sit still enough to get a good picture – when I saw my photos, I had a great close-up of its face, but no ears! 🙂


  1. Poor Mabel!  Next thing we will see her dressed as Mrs. Santa Claus or in some other undignified apparel.   How humiliating!  I am embarrassed for her. Marti Gabrosek  

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      1. The book—Library Lost—is done and is available through Amazon and our Hinterlands Press site. If you order directly through our site, shipping is free plus you get a signed copy. A wicked good deal, as we would say in Maine. 😉 Thanks for asking!

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