Sunday evening at dusk

My neighbor and I took a short walk along the river trail in Chagrin River Park this evening, the last Sunday evening of 2018. I didn’t capture any spectacular pictures, but the light was good, the crisp air was refreshing, and we had a good “chin wag” as my photographer friends from the British Isles might call it.

2018_12_30__untitled shoot_0007
Ollie, the baby rottweiler
2018_12_30__untitled shoot_0002
Looking up the river with the sun setting behind me
2018_12_30__untitled shoot_0015
Marti, trying out her new walking sticks
2018_12_30__untitled shoot_0005
Fishermen on the river

We met many other walkers and several dogs along the trail, making this a peaceful way to end the day. If you haven’t taken an evening walk recently, why not give it a try? Just be sure to dress warmly. In my latitude, the air gets a bit brisk as the sun sinks below the horizon. (For more about today click here.)

Wishing you a Happy New Year…
with many good photo opps!
~Trail Walker

10 Replies to “Sunday evening at dusk”

  1. Ollie sure is cute! A woman at the park where I usually walk, used to use those walking sticks and she said she could propel herself faster than just walking and they gave her better workout. She used to go 9 miles a day! She got a bad case of vertigo so she’s not been there in a few years as she had to drive to the park and didn’t trust herself driving due to the vertigo.

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      1. I felt really badly for her as walking was a big part of her daily routine. I have not seen her in a while … I usually walk at the same time every day though, so she may be coming to the Park later than me now or maybe someone drives her so she is on their schedule.

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      2. Routines can be changed just like that. When my husband had a heart attack and surgery well over a year ago, my daily walking time was drastically changed and has been a challenge to resume.

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      3. I am sorry to hear about your husband … this was before I followed you Carolyn and I gather from looking through your blog when I first followed you, that you walked together? It is hard when there is a disruption of any kind – your normal routine, to writing, to walking … even the weather, I am almost 63 years old and I know I was more resilient and more likely to roll with the punches when I was younger than I am now.


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