A glance out the kitchen window

Cleaning up the kitchen after lunch, my eye was arrested by the sight of a lonely bluebird huddled on top of the nesting box in falling snow.2019_03_05__Backyard birding_0025
The temperature was 18 degrees, and I could only imagine that, despite his fluffed out feathers,  the little fellow was feeling a bit cold. Grabbing my camera, I snapped his picture, then soon discovered he wasn’t the only wind-blown bird in the backyard. At least one other bluebird, a downy woodpecker, and a robin were nearby. (Click to enlarge pictures.)


I’m looking forward to spring when sunshine and warm breezes will waft away the cold and snow. I have a feeling my feathered friends are just as eager for a change in the weather. How about you?

Thanks for visiting today. See you soon.
Trail Walker


5 Replies to “A glance out the kitchen window”

  1. That poor wee soul – you have captured the snow falling down on him and he is looking so sad isn’t he? I feel sorry for all the feathered and furry critters – it’s been so bitter cold and the ground is frozen, so I hope the squirrels stored some of their nuts up in their nests.

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      1. I do too for all the outside critters. I was at the River last Sunday and saw all the ducks on the ice floes … they were sitting on ice, swimming in ice water – I know their feathers equip them to stay dry but it was so miserably cold out there


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