Birding in Chagrin River Park

2019_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0055
A male northern cardinal

Packing my camera and a pocket full of peanuts, I  left for a trail walk on this sunny, but cold, morning. I had forgotten to bring my hat, but I decided to take a short walk anyway…just to stretch my legs and capture a few bird pictures. Setting the timer on my watch for 35 minutes I headed down the trail. When the timer went off, I was have too much fun to go home yet, so I tapped “repeat”  and continued down the trail. Here are a few of the birds I saw:

2019_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0032
2019_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0038
Female northern cardinal
2019_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0039
She willingly posed!
2019_03_26__Chagrin River Park_0050
A white-throated sparrow

As I wrote in recent blog posts, my intention is to resume my habit of daily photo walks, combining my two favorite hobbies: photography and trailwalking. I only walked for about a mile and a half today, but that’s a start.

Join me again soon for another trail walk.
Don’t forget your camera. You never know what we will see.
Trail Walker

9 Replies to “Birding in Chagrin River Park”

      1. You see the joy when they see food Carolyn. The sparrows always look so woeful at the Park where I walk. The jays or cardinals, even the red-winged blackbird, will swoop down for a peanut when I feed the squirrels, but the sparrows have nothing. I made them a goody bag to spread out on the picnic tables where the squirrels hang out – they were happy. It was such a cold Winter and that cold air is hanging on – I do feel sorry for those poor birds.


  1. Great images! Love the birds – trying a new bird seed to see if the squirrels will leave the feeders alone and maybe I can get some shots of the birds.

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