Warblers have arrived

As you may be aware, this handsome red bird is not an unusual visitor to my blog. All birders in northeast Ohio, as well as many other states, are familiar with the Northern cardinals, which are year-round residents of this area. So while I was hoping to find some migratory warblers on my trail walk today, and the cardinal doesn’t fit the bill, I couldn’t resist posting his picture because he almost looks like royalty in his wonderful red plumage.

With that said, and the cardinal given his due, below is the yellow warbler, the first one I spotted this spring, which makes it special in my book!

2019_05_06__untitled shoot_01032019_05_06__untitled shoot_0102
Take a close look at his beak and you will see that this little yellow, a male, as indicated by his streaky breast, has been successfully foraging for insects for breakfast. A nimble little bird, he probably picks the insects off the foliage or possibly even captures them as they fly by. His typical prey is midges, caterpillars, beetles, leafhoppers and other bugs, and wasps. It may be my imagination, but I think he looks rather proud of his catch!

Although the weather forecast for the next couple of weeks isn’t very promising, with only one day predicted to have temperatures above 70 degrees, I hope to get out and find more warblers. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

See you soon along the trail!
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14 Replies to “Warblers have arrived”

  1. Hi – Linda shared a link to your post, she said you and I have a love of yellow that we share. I adore bird photos too. You’ve captured exceptional photos, great job! I love it when we catch birds or animals doing their own thing in nature. Happy blogging and photographing to you!


  2. Love these. Wish we saw some warblers here in the south! He’s got himself a mouth full! And the cardinals, it goes without saying, they are always awesome!

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      1. Yes, the yellow warbler and the dandelions are competing for color these days as we slog through the rain and dull and gloomy skies. We did have a nice morning, but a flood watch is up again for tonight. I enjoy the cardinals at the park where I walk – they swoop down and snatch peanuts from under the squirrel’s noses.

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      2. I haven’t seen many dandelions yet, but, weeds or not, I’m partial to yellow. Yellow birds, yellow flowers, anything to brighten up the grey days we see too often!

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      3. I’ll agree with you on that Carolyn. I get a kick out of seeing goldfinch in the Park where I walk. Mostly there are cardinals, blue jays and red-winged blackbirds for color and the robins … always a lot of robins as there are many trees and lots of grass to pull worms from, but seeing a goldfinch is a real treat.


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