Special backyard visitors…

2019_10_26__untitled shoot_0013

A pair of bluebirds made my heart happy today! I haven’t seen a sign of either one in months,  and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him sitting on top of the nesting box this morning.

And then she joined him and together they checked out the neighborhood.

2019_10_26__untitled shoot_0010

She peered into the nest, and I wondered if she would approve of what she saw inside.

2019_10_26__untitled shoot_0011

Disappearing inside to take a better look around, she inspected the box while he perched on top to survey the neighborhood, maybe keeping an eye out for the marauding neighborhood cat.

2019_10_26__untitled shoot_0012

She climbed inside the nest, leaving him standing watch on the rooftop.

2019_10_26__untitled shoot_0008

We put up this new bluebird box six months ago, hoping a pair of bluebirds would move in and raise their young where we could enjoy their family shenanigans. Unfortunately, shortly after the new box was installed some aggressive house sparrows moved in and chased the bluebirds away.

But today the bluebirds returned for another look at the box. After Mrs. B. completed her inspection, they both flew away, so I have no idea what her decision was. For now, I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed, hoping they will return. Meanwhile, as I said, it made my heart happy to see them in our backyard today.

That’s all the neighborhood news for now.
See you in a few days.
Trail Walker (aka Skip)

7 Replies to “Special backyard visitors…”

  1. Carolyn – these are beautiful photos and they make my heart happy too. The nesting box is color coordinated to these bluebirds! The pesky sparrows have chased wrens out of the birdhouses or nesting boxes my neighbor used to put out for them … many people don’t realize that a bird as small as a sparrow can be so cantankerous and aggressive. Enjoy your nature walks – we have 35 mph winds and torrential rain this morning and I fear that the driving rain and fierce winds have stripped the trees of their beautiful leaves and I suspect the same weather is in store from you since we are from neighboring states.

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    1. Yes, we did have some of that rainy, windy weather, but it did not put an end to our trees…not then anyway. I’m slow in responding to your comment, and yesterday I had a good walk in the Arboretum that I wrote up. Now that we have entered November, who knows what is coming.

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      1. I wanted to go back to Lake Erie Metropark last Saturday for peak color as not much was happening on the 19th when I was there. We had so much rain and wind, I knew the leaves would be on the ground. It’s a shame they don’t last longer Carolyn.


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