Botanical Garden-Big Spring 2017

Wandering through the Big Spring exhibit at the Cleveland Botanical Garden gives one hope that spring is well on the way. If you live, as I do, where winter seems to last forever and sunshine and blue skies are rare and a cause for joy, you will understand the significance of an event that celebrates Spring.

My friend Marti and I visited the Botanical Garden and enjoyed the beauty of spring at her best in the middle of April 2017. I took many pictures, but ten months have passed while the images languished (unprocessed) on my computer’s hard drive. Finally, today, on a dreary, rainy February morning, I decided it was time to share the pictures. I hope you can take a little time out, maybe with a cop of coffee and a bagel in hand, to enjoy this taste of spring.

2017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden01052017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden01042017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden01012017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00992017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00962017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00922017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00892017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00862017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00852017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00802017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00782017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00762017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00692017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00682017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00662017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00652017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00642017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00592017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00562017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00532017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00522017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00512017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00462017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00372017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00362017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden00282017_04_21_Cleveland_Botanical Garden0022

That’s all for today’s “taste of spring,” but the good news is that April will soon be here again. In less than two months, I can return to the Botanical Garden for another boost to my winter-weary spirits. I’m looking forward to it. Please come back then to see the new edition of “Big Spring!”

Hoping to see you soon!
Trail Walker

Script Cleveland

A unique Color Me Autumn photoshoot

Early in the summer of 2016, when Cleveland was preparing to host the Republican National Convention, “script Cleveland” signs were erected at three different locations in the city. This week I finally made it out to one of the locations and captured these two shots of the sign. I don’t know who originated the idea, but I love this one with the city in the background, and it has become a very popular attraction with groups of all sizes clustered around the sign. For this photoshoot,  Bob and I were the only people available for the photograph, which was taken by our grandson Bryan.  As the season will soon come to a close and the vibrant colors will fade,  I was happy to be able to add this to my Color Me Autumn collection.

That’s all for today. It’s a brief post, but one I am happy to add to my blog. Hope you like it.

See you soon!
Trail Walker

Another Cleveland photo walk

Previous Cleveland photo walks can be seen here and here.

A few days ago, our grandson, who, like me, really enjoys photography,  celebrated his 20th birthday. For a birthday treat, his parents took him downtown for a photoshoot in several Cleveland neighborhoods and a great lunch in Ohio City.2016_03_08_Trailwalk_Around CLV0008 Suspecting I might pout (or be tempted to throw a tantrum) if I missed this photo opp, they invited me to join them. Just kidding.  You know I would never do that. (Of course you do.)

Our first stop was the Cultural Gardens along MLK Drive where we photographed this statue in the Ukrainian Garden. It is framed by some beautiful trees that aren’t yet in bloom, so   our plan is to return in several weeks when the trees begin to bloom (Nothing blooms in mid-March. This is Cleveland, after all).  Here are a few more pictures from the garden, designed by the Ukrainian community in Cleveland.


Another stop on today’s shoot was the area know as The Flats, located on the banks of the Cuyahoga River. Here I took a few shots of Michael and his mom at the base of the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge. It was Michael’s idea, and I really like the way these turned out.

2016_03_08_Trailwalk_Around CLV00942016_03_08_Trailwalk_Around CLV00922016_03_08_Trailwalk_Around CLV0089


That’s it for today’s post. Here is a sampling of pictures coming up in Part Two of this photo walk in the city.  I hope you will be back to see them.

Thanks for joining me today.
Trail Walker

Trail walking in Downtown Cleveland

Today’s blog is a continuation of my last one. Processing and posting my shots from yesterday’s trail walk in the city needed more time than I had because I had to stop working on them when it was time to leave for my birthday dinner with our daughters and sons-in-law. For today’s post I revisited my images from that walk, did a little more work on them in Lightroom, and selected a few as my favorites.



That’s it so far, but I enjoyed this downtown trail walk so much I am hoping to repeat it and eventually add more images to this gallery. Oh, and the birthday dinner, at Bravo’s in Eton Place, was great.

My next post will be a nature trail walk
See you soon!
Trail Walker

Out of my comfort zone!


2016_02_20_Trailwalk_Downtown Cleveland_0066

The tagline on my blog says it all: “I am at home among trees.” Today’s trail walk took me far from those trees into the concrete sidewalks of downtown Cleveland, and way out of my comfort zone. As anyone who follows my blog knows, I am a nature photographer, and I find most of my photos along the trails of local parks, but today’s trail walk was different.To begin with, today is my birthday, and my family and friends have gone out of their way to make it extra-special with cards, phone calls, texts, Facebook greetings, and gifts. One of those gifts resulted in this blog post.

My daughter Alison called and announced that she would pick me up this morning at 10 am and to be sure to bring my camera. However, she wouldn’t say where she planned to take me. It was only after we were in the car driving west on route 2 that her plan unfolded. We were going to take a very different trail walk, involving no parks, no nature trails, no hawks, deer, or snow-covered landscapes. We were going to walk the city streets where we would look for abstracts, architectural details, building elements indoors and out, and whatever else struck our fancy.

I knew right then I was going to be out of my comfort zone, but Alison was in the driver’s seat, so I made up my mind to go along for the ride and have a good time…and I did. I had a great time. We made quite a few stops and several of them led to today’s blog post. We started our tour at the Arcade (top of page) and then moved on to the Cleveland Public Library. Established in 1869, the library was originally operated in several temporary locations in downtown Cleveland until, in 1925 the Main Library on Superior Avenue was opened.

2016_02_20_Trailwalk_Downtown Cleveland_0058
Entrance to the Cleveland Public Library

The main entrance and first floor lobby are an impressive introduction to this handsome building. According to a brochure handed to us by a delightful gentleman stationed near the entrance…

The entrance doorway window depicts the classical Lamp of Knowledge. The interior entrance doorway has a clock flanked by mythological griffins, a motif of creatures that protects civic buildings. a beautiful terrestrial globe made of pearl art glass hangs from the entrance hall ceiling (1925). It is based on one of the first maps to depict the early Americas done by Leonardo da Vinci. The vaulted lobby ceiling is decorated with paintings done in 1926 that illustrate historical figures that represent the arts, writing, and learning….The lobby is illuminate by torchieres (circa 1990s) which are symbolic of the Lamp of Knowledge.

Along with the brochure we were given an interesting personal introduction to the library that made us feel very welcome. Who would have known so much beauty awaited us when we walked up the stairs and entered through the large main doors. The picture gallery below is a small sampling of my images, including the interior and exterior of the main library, plus a peek into the gated reading garden that features a fountain by Maya Lin, garden gates by Tom Otterness, and other works of art. My images don’t do it justice, so I will have to return and try to do a better job on my next visit.

If you are familiar with Cleveland, you probably recognized some of the shots in this gallery as well as the Arcade, pictured at the top of the page. I hope you enjoyed them.

That’s all for today. Thanks to everyone who helped to make my birthday very special and to Alison who opened my eyes to an entire realm of new “trail” walks and proved that one is never too old to “learn new tricks.”

Happy weekend, friends.
See you tomorrow for another trail walk.
Trail Walker

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