Cleveland, Ohio: a short tour

Cleveland, Ohio, a middle-sized city, located on the shores of Lake Erie in  northeast Ohio, and the site of the 2016 Republican National Convention, is loaded with interesting sights to see. I’m going to highlight some of them in several short posts today and in coming weeks. Today’s post features a short tour we took with one of Bob’s college friends who just happens to be spending a week or so in this area.

Grumpy's Cafe in Tremont
Grumpy’s Cafe in Tremont

Starting out with a delicious lunch at Grumpy’s Cafe in the Tremont area just west of downtown Cleveland, we then headed for the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA), where we spent most of the afternoon. There is no charge for admission to this beautiful building that was founded in 1913 “for the benefit of all the people forever.” It contains a world-class collection of fine art, many interactive displays, plentiful educational opportunities, a fine restaurant, and a cafe that opens to the Atrium, which, at 39,000 square-feet, is Cleveland’s largest free public space.

Aside from the Art Museum, one of the highlights of this short tour was Playhouse Square. Most people are probably unaware that Cleveland is renowned for its theater district. Comprised of nine theaters and known officially as “Playhouse Square”, it is second only in size to Lincoln Center in New York City, and according to Wikipedia, “… welcomes more than 1 million guests to 1,000+ performances and events each year. Its Broadway Series season ticket holder base (more than 29,000) is one of the largest in the country, making Cleveland one of fewer than 10 markets that can support a two-week run of a touring Broadway show.”

Former Cleveland Trust Rotunda Building...
Former Cleveland Trust Rotunda Building…

Another location featured in today’s short tour is the downtown Heinen’s grocery story. Located in the historic Cleveland Trust Rotunda Building that was completed at the turn of the 20th century when Cleveland was experiencing tremendous prosperity , it is described as “a great place to sit and enjoy lunch or dinner, to grab something to go, or to join friends after work for a glass of wine or beer and enjoy appetizers from the chef’s menu in our second floor lounge.” This was our first time to see this unique grocery store, but we plan more visits in the future.

If Cleveland is on your bucket list of cities to visit, be sure to stay long enough to take in a show and to spend an afternoon (or longer) at the Art Museum, Botanical Gardens, and Natural History Museums, all located in the same area known as Wade Oval. And if you become weary of walking the city streets, remember to wander into Heinen’s to enjoy a little respite.

Here are the sights you would have seen  if you had joined me along the trail for this short tour of Cleveland today. (Click to scroll through gallery).

That’s the end of today’s short tour. Hope you enjoyed it.

Carolyn aka Skip

7 Replies to “Cleveland, Ohio: a short tour”

  1. Thanks for a great tour! I particularly liked the grocery store in the old bank building. Would be fun to shop in a store like that. We have a quite similar rocket car shutting visitors along the beach roads here.


    1. Cleveland is still in transition. It has changed a lot since we first moved here from central Pennsylvania many years ago. Oh, and why don’t you come for another visit. We haven’t seen you in way too long.


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