A quartet of chickadees

Chickadees love peanuts, and they are very friendly birds. Look what flew in when I spread a handful on the old tree stump. Throughout the summer and well into fall, there was plenty of available food for the birds. Since the vegetation has died back, they have found a supplemental food source. Humans!

Mallard Mania

With spring on the horizon (hopefully), the mallards on the bog have gone into courtship mode. They are great entertainment on my daily photowalks. You can see more Mallard Mania here. Busy days recently. I will try to be more regular in my posts! Skip aka Carolyn

Dancing Duck

Wondering what was sitting on top of the duck nest in the middle of the bog, I walked a little closer, and this is what I saw, a lady mallard. At first she just seemed to be taking a siesta, but as I watched, she stirred, stood up, stretched, and performed a little dance routine. …


On my photowalk this afternoon, the first "almost sunny" afternoon we have had in a long time, I headed down the trail with some sunflower seeds in my pocket. Passing a bench, I sprinkled a handful of seeds, hoping to attract a few birds for a photo opp. Some chickadees and titmice flew in, grabbed …