Great horned owl

A great horned owl is sitting on a nest in the park where I usually take my photowalks. Last week it was pointed out to me, but the owl was not in sight, although others had seen it. Today I took a few pictures of the nest, came home, and brought them up on my computer screen, and I could see the little tufts on the top of her head. Can you see them?

According to the bird app on my computer, the owl lays one to five dull white eggs in an abandoned nest made by hawks or crows, which this nest is. She will incubate the eggs for 28-35 days, and it is mostly the female who does the hard work of sitting on the eggs until they hatch. If all goes well, we could see at least one nestling in four weeks or so.

I find that exciting, and I will keep you updated.
Carolyn aka Skip

3 Replies to “Great horned owl”

  1. I once had a house finch nest on my porch so I got to see their nesting behavior up close and personal. The female did all the incubating, but the make brought food to her to better enable her to stay on the nest. I wonder if male great horned owls do that too’


  2. Looking forward to seeing this. I can see her tufts. We have owls all over by us but the trees are so large and there are so many of them, we usually only hear them and never get to see them.


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