What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday, finally, after day after day of rain, enough rain to make me believe web feet would soon be a necessity, the sun came out. Under a sunny blue sky, my walk in the park was a joy. The birds were chirping, trilling, and flitting around. The mallards were beyond joyous with the sun shining and a bog filled with water for swimming. I snapped this picture of the river, flowing fast and bubbling along happily.

Alas and alack, after one sunny day, grey skies returned, and this afternoon the clouds were spitting snow, the dreaded (by many) “S word.” Here’s the same scene, snapped today under overcast skies.

What a difference a day makes!
Oh, and those mallards I mentioned…Here are a few pictures taken yesterday…

So that’s it today from the far northeastern corner of Ohio. Check back in a few days to see what has been happening, and if you have a little sunshine to spare, could you send a few rays this way please.

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