A cuddle of kitten

That’s the title I gave to my daily blip on blipfoto.com. These cuddly little kittens first appeared under our woodpile on November 13th. I blipped them a week later, on November 19th, but then they disappeared. Nobody in our neighborhood has seen them since. The mother cat was spotted a few times, but we had concluded that the little ones were long gone…perhaps as a meal for the neighborhood hawk. Much to our surprise, they reappeared yesterday, and this morning Bob came in the house from the back yard, calling to me, “If you want a good blip, get your camera. The kittens are under Alison’s deck.” I sneaked out the front door so they wouldn’t hear me. Walking softly I peered around the corner of our neighbor’s house, and there they were. Didn’t they pose nicely?

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