5 Replies to “There’s something about…”

    1. I think my new neighbor is now taking care of the kittens. She managed to get them to come in through her sunroom door. She is feeding them and they are using the litter box, but they are still skittish. The mother cat refuses to come in unfortunately. We think she was abandoned by someone who moved out of the neighborhood and didn’t want to take her along. Hopefully she will be caught in a humane trap my neighbor is borrowing. Then we will take her to the vet and get her spayed. She deserves better than roaming the neighborhood and producing litters of kittens.


    1. One of the puppies is a bichon and the other is bichon plus poodle. They are so happy and high-energy, it makes me smile just to see them. They greet me like a long-lost friend.


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