First heron of the season

I headed out to North Chagrin Reservation in search of some swallows, but found herons instead. There was nary a swallow in sight. That I don’t understand because they are usually flying over the marsh and resting on the railings of the boardwalk. Instead, the herons were flying over the marsh and wading in it in search of their meal. So a heron it is today!

First he spread his wings and shook them to fluff out his feathers.


Then he positioned himself carefully and posed for the “Great Bird Profile Competition.” 
He does look like a winner, doesn’t he? 


Thanks for stopping by today. I must be up at silly o’clock in the morning, so I am off to bed before it gets any later. This has been a slightly cool but lovely day in northeast Ohio. More of the same tomorrow, I hope.

See you soon.
Carolyn aka Skip

6 Replies to “First heron of the season”

  1. Hi Skip! This is great work! Especially the reflection pic! Just lovely. I just wanted to tell you that I was in my yard in Texas (I live in the country) just standing early one beautiful morning, taking it all in, and I heard this “swishing” of wings overhead, (something new), when a very large flock of herons began passing overhead, spread out over the whole of my sky, so graceful and amazing, I was awestruck. Thank you Skip for the good work that you do bringing nature and the beauty of birds to all of us here. You do great work!


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