I feel squeezed!

My days have been extra hectic lately, and I feel squeezed between my desire, no, my need, to get outside and take pictures and all the other things that are demanding too much of my time. Finally today, I have found a little extra time, but now the weather is being uncooperative. It took a turn back to winter over the weekend, with 40 degree days and cloudy skies taking the place of sunny and 70! Oh well, spring is noted for her fickle behavior, so what can we expect? I took my walk in the park anyway, and here are some of the pictures I captured.

Note: For some reason, I am not able to select “large” for the picture size today, but if you want to see a larger version of any of these critters, just click on them.

First, a “potted squirrel”. I only had to walk out my door and there he was posing for me, sitting in a flower pot under my neighbor’s tree.

Once in the park, I discovered a lack of birds willing to pose. Most of them must have been nested down, snuggled up, or clinging tightly to twigs so they wouldn’t be blown hither and yon by the very stiff breeze. There was a noticeable lack of bird song, but here are a few that braved the weather.

a cardinal…


a blue jay…

…and a downy woodpecker


My two favorite “posers” for today were the chickadee and the titmouse:



And now for the two that brought a smile to my face when I brought them up on my computer, a crabby blue jay and a decidedly windblown cardinal that looks a bit like “the morning after” a bad night…


I hope they brought a smile to your face too!

That’s it for my photo walk today. Despite the chilly wind, it was a good walk. Thanks for visiting my little corner of Ohio today. See you soon.

Skip aka Carolyn

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