I found “big bird!”!

Look at those holes he has dug in the tree.Look at those holes the pileated woodpecker has dug in the tree.

I have been tracking this big bird for weeks, actually for the entire winter, ever since I realized that there was one living in our neighborhood park. Now I know that there isn’t just one, but a pair, a male and a female. This is the female. The red streak along the jaw is what tells us the gender of the bird. One of the walkers I see in the park told me he had seen both of them together. Now that would REALLY be beyond exciting. Cross your finger and watch this space. I’ll keep looking!

Carolyn aka Skip

P.S. I posted a few more pileated pictures in my photo portfolio at SmugMug. Take a look if you are interested.

8 Replies to “I found “big bird!”!”

  1. What a fabulous photo! I’ve tried photographing this species of woodpecker for a couple years, but all the photos I’ve taken to date are blurry. I checked out the others at smugmug too. Great series of photographs.


  2. Great capture, Skip! Why two holes I wonder? I would imagine the hole is for a nesting cavity, but I don’t understand why he would make two. Hm… This bears investigation!


    1. I don’t know the answer, so I think I need to do more research. Actually, these birds have hammered holes in quite a few trees around the park this winter. I kept seeing the holes, but not the birds until now.


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