Red, white, black, and prehistoric

The pileated woodpecker was in the park today. Because it has been more than a month since I last saw him, I was pretty excited. I thought perhaps he had moved on, so spotting him today was a treat. I have an iBird app on my phone that includes the songs of many different birds, so when I caught sight of him, I dug out my phone, opened the app, and played the song of the pileated woodpecker. To my surprise, he reacted by swooping across the trail in front of me, landing on a nearby tree. Eventually he flew out of my sight and up to the top of the sledding hill. I followed and found him again, bagging a few more pictures. In several of the pictures, I was actually above the W.P. because I was on the observation platform at the top of the hill, and he flew to one of the trees slightly below me. From that point, I had a pretty amazing view of Mr. Woodpecker! If you want to see larger pictures, click on one of them. I think the pileated is a pretty fascinating bird.Even on a cloudy and chilly day like today, spring photo walks can be filled with fun.I hope you enjoy the gallery.

Carolyn aka Skip

P.S. In the title, “prehistoric” refers to the look of the bird. To me, it looks like a throwback to prehistoric times.

7 Replies to “Red, white, black, and prehistoric”

  1. I’m so glad you caught sight of him again. What a great series of photos! I have an Android app with bird calls, but it never occurred to me to try using them in the field to see what reaction I might get. Very clever of you!


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