Friday Faces


I thought it would be fun to start a new feature on my blog called Friday Faces. By doing this I would meet new people and become more comfortable with asking people (often strangers) I meet along the trail to take time out of their walk for a photo op. Today I met Lori who was out for a walk with her two dogs Howy, a shih tzu, and Susy-Q, a beagle mix. Neither dog wanted to pose for a portrait, but they were easily distracted when Lori pulled out the treats. At that point they became very attentive, although not to the camera. All’s well though because I got my “Friday Face” plus an addition to my “Dogs and their People” gallery by turning the photo op into a two-fer, Nothing wrong with that! I’m just wondering if I will be able to do as well on future Fridays.


That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by.  ~Skip aka Carolyn

2 Replies to “Friday Faces”

  1. A great idea. Right now I’m waiting for one of those Ilford black and white cameras to come my way – Northern from Blip is sending it to me. I’m looking forward to asking a stranger to pose.


    1. I got the Ilford from a blipper in Washington state and snapped a picture of a young woman runner in the park. I will be interested in seeing the results of this huge projects. Those cameras have been all over the world. At first it was intimidating to ask a stranger for a photo op, but I’m getting over that fear of rejection. After all, what can they say except yes or no, and either way I’m okay with it. Friday Faces will hopefully make me even more comfortable with asking.


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