New Year’s Day 2014

On New Year’s Day we took a cold walk in Chagrin River Park.

This doe was only one of the photos I took. If you want to see more birds and families having fun in the snow, click on the picture.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This is my first attempt to link my SmugMug gallery to my WordPress blog. I need to know if it works for the people who follow my blog posts, so I would appreciate any helpful feedback that you want to share. Could you scroll through the pictures on SmugMug after you clicked on the deer above? Then could you get back to where you started from? Thank you for any comments. I can be more regular in updating my blog if I could connect to my SmugMug galleries instead of having to separately upload my photos to SmugMug then to WordPress.

Have a Happy New Year, Bloggers!

Skip aka Carolyn

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