2015_03_19_Chagrin River Park_047

Sometimes, when I pause to take a picture, I’m lucky enough to catch a potential confrontation. These two nuthatches arrived at the tree stump almost at the same time. It doesn’t look like either one had sharing on his mind. The one on the right seemed to have the advantage this time. The best pictures, those I like to take home, are the ones that show some interaction…animal to animal, animal to person…any kind of interaction is interesting. Below is a perfect example:

2015_03_16_Chagrin River Park_100

I was standing beside the trail when several deer walked out of the woods. They must have been hungry because they walked toward me and one came so close that I could have reached out and touched her. I waved her away, kindly explaining that I didn’t have any food to give her. Then I turned my back and walked a little distance down the trail. When I sensed something behind me, I looked back and there she was right behind me. I’m pretty certain she must have known there was some bird seed in my pocket, but I didn’t plan to give it to her and get into trouble with the park rangers. So I waved her away again. Just then a couple, carrying a plastic bag of cut up apples, appeared from down the trail, so she was happy, and I was off the hook!

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See you down the trail another day.

Skip aka Carolyn

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    1. Hi Beryl. Thanks for stopping in and leaving this message. I miss seeing you, the Wonder Dog, and the rest of your family on Blipfoto. I’m keeping up my Blip journal, but also thinking about giving more attention to my WP blog. Thanks again for this message. -Skip


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