There’s never enough time!

It’s already well past my bedtime, and here I sit, trying to get caught up with processing, selecting, and posting my pictures. there’s just never enough time to do all the things I like and/or need to do in a day. I don’t suppose I am alone in facing this conundrum, so I am open to hearing your solutions if you have figured it out. Just don’t tell me I’ll have more time after I retire. I already retired (after 33 years of teaching middle school), and I still don’t have enough time. Solutions anyone?

Meanwhile, here are the birds that posed during my photowalk today (Click a pic to enlarge them):

That’s the crop for today.Thanks for taking a look.
If you have a solution for my conundrum, please weigh in.
All suggestions gratefully considered!
Carolyn aka Skip

7 Replies to “There’s never enough time!”

  1. What Bella Remy said. We’re very fortunate to have a problem like this. I don’t feel as pressed as you do, but I’ve been known to let the housework suffer in favor of the birding, etc.


  2. If you get any award winning solutions to your conundrum, please blog about it and share with the rest of us! 🙂 I could use some suggestions myself. Funny, but I don’t see many men with the same problem. 😉


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