A muggy morning walk

Gulliver was my photo assistant again this morning. We didn’t go far, just a little less than a mile, but we did see some birds of interest…to me at least. I don’t think Gulliver was particularly interested in the birds, although he did show a little interest in the water fountain installed just for all the dogs that walk in the park. As long as the dog has a person on the other end of his leash who will turn on the water, a cool drink of water is available. That made Gulliver a happy dog.

Gulliver before our muggy morning walk
Gulliver before our muggy morning walk

Here are a few photos I took along the trail today. The pictures aren’t great, but at least they provide a record of what I saw on this May morning (Click a picture to see the larger version):

That’s it for today. Not many birds, but a good opportunity to practice with my camera, and, once I got back to my computer, more practice on my “digital darkroom” skills. There’s plenty to learn there.

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