Here she is: The red-eyed vireo

2015_06_26_Chagrin River Park_035

In yesterday’s blog post about Friday Faces I mentioned that I saw my very first red-eyed vireo while walking on the trail through the bog. Another blogger commented that s/he had never seen a vireo, so, at that blogger’s request, here it is: momma vireo sitting on her nest. It’s not a great picture (not even a very good one), because she was hidden away among lots of leafy green branches. Sunlight filtering through the leaves gave it a green cast, but given the difficulties, I am happy to have a picture of this pretty little bird.

For the past four weeks I have been busy with Blogging 101, an online course for bloggers who want to improve their blog. With a new blogging assignment every day, there hasn’t been much time to go on my usual photowalks, so I have actually taken only a few pictures during these weeks. Hopefully normal photowalking will resume next week…if it stops raining and we aren’t flooded out.


Before the rain finally stopped yesterday (Sunday), I went back to the vireo’s nest to see if I could capture a few more/better pictures. I’m going to include them in my weekly photo update (my new blog feature starting today), but I thought this sweet little bird deserved a spotlight all her own. Here are a few new pictures of her at the nest: (Click on the first picture to scroll through the gallery).

I was excited to get a second chance to show you her red eye.
Pretty neat, isn’t it?

See you soon if the rain stays away!

Carolyn aka Skip

13 Replies to “Here she is: The red-eyed vireo”

  1. Skip, not all the green is from the leaves. The red-eyed vireo has an olive-green back. Nice job under difficult conditions. My shots were mostly very noisy, high ISO.


    1. That’s true, Roz. I should have taken that into account. It was actually drizzling when I got the second set of vireo photos. Conditions weren’t favorable for sure. Still she’s such a pretty little bird. Thank you for pointing her out to me. 😛


  2. Great capture! Very similar to the photo of a red-eyed vireo that was just in Birds and Blooms magazine in their question and answer section. That photo also had the yellow/greenish cast due to the location of the nest. I hope so add one of these to my list!


    1. I missed that photo. I will take another look at my copy of Birds and Blooms. Thanks for mentioning it. I captured some better pictures of the vireo yesterday, so I am going to update this post with a few more pictures.

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