Trail walking at the Cleveland zoo

Do you enjoy zoos? If so, Cleveland has an excellent zoo for you to visit. Donna and Jack, our friends from Virginia professed to enjoy zoos, so that’s where we headed for this short tour. If you love animals, come along as we take a trail walk through the zoo. For some reason, the weather always seems to turn very hot when we schedule a zoo visit, and this day was no exception. The morning was cool, but by mid-afternoon, the temperature was approaching 90 degrees. Hot? Yes, so I hope you packed your water bottle along with your camera because the zoo is hilly, and we’re in for a bit of a hike!

NOTE: Because we saw so many interesting animals, I am going to divide them into three galleries: the outside critters, those that live in the Rainforest, and a surprise at the end (Be sure to click on a picture in each gallery to scroll through the larger versions).

The outside animals

There are many thoughtfully designed outside habitats at the zoo, where you can see lions and tigers and bears, but today the lions were sleeping, and there were no giraffes (oh my)! Donna and I felt bad about that!

Now off to the RAINFOREST!

This special section of the zoo can be found right outside the main entrance. You will recognize it by the big dome that covers the entire area and helps to control the habitat. Purchase your ticket at the zoo gate, and then just show it to the attendant when you enter the rainforest.

And finally, the surprise.

Before we leave the zoo, let’s take a few minutes to say hello to the orangutan family. We always make a point of spending some time with them while we visit the zoo, and this time they had a surprise for us: a baby! Take a look at this little family. Do they remind you of anyone you know?

Well, friends, that’s it for this visit to the zoo. In retrospect, it wasn’t really short, and I can think of many more pictures I should have included. I guess we will have to make a return visit. The next time, we will wait until fall when the temperature is cooler, and maybe the giraffes will come out to say hello.

Thanks for walking the zoo trail with me today.
Carolyn aka Skip

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