Climbing the Kalberer Emergent Tower

I’m not comfortable in high places… Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to making the climb at Holden…or at least attempting it.

Three days ago, I made that statement in a story I posted about the new 120 foot tower at Holden Arboretum. This morning Bob and I made that climb, and I’m glad to report that I survived, and thoroughly enjoyed, the experience. The morning dawned with sunshine and an almost cloudless blue sky. In fact I was wishing for some interesting puffy clouds and a little less brilliant sunshine, although I can’t believe I’m saying that, given the fact that once winter arrives (and that will be all too soon), cloudy gray skies will be our norm.

As a photographer, I was wishing for some big, puffy clouds to add interest to the sky.

We arrived at the Arboretum just about 9 am, picked up our admission tickets for the Tower and Canopy Walk, and took the trail through the woods to the Tower. My first experience with high places, when I was eight years old and visited the Empire State Building with my parents, didn’t end well. I’ll spare you the details. My most recent experience on a nighttime photoshoot at Terminal Tower in Cleveland was only a little less traumatic, so I was somewhat concerned about my reaction to climbing this 120 foot tall tower, and emerging above the treetops. I shouldn’t have worried. I enjoyed it immensely. Even when the tower vibrated as other people climbed up, I was unconcerned. The pictures in the gallery will show you why. Along with pictures of Bob and me and the views from the top, I have included pictures of the structure itself to show how well-built it is. Take a look, (and don’t forget to click on a picture to scroll through the gallery).

Thanks for joining me for this trail walk.If you missed my earlier post, look back two days for more pictures taken from ground level as I wandered around the Tower and Canopy Walk. I hope you’ve enjoyed this photowalk. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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