Back yard birding

Posted on SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

…and subtitled “Where in the world is a red-bellied woodpecker when you need one?”

Although trail walking with camera in hand, is my favorite kind of nature photography, there are times when the weather, my schedule, or my energy level demand that I do backyard birding instead of the usual trek along the trails. After yesterday’s 120-foot-tower-climb, I felt the need for an easy day today, so my back yard birds are getting their day in the sun.

I haven’t seen a downy or red-bellied woodpecker all week though, and I’m sort of suspicious that the hummingbirds may have taken off for warmer climes. Northeast Ohio in the winter isn’t included in their travel itinerary.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit today. We’ll go walking on a “real” trail later this week, so hurry back. You won’t want to miss it!

Trail Walker

PS: Although I have been “Carolyn aka Skip through several years of blogging,” I have changed my signature to something that better fits my blog, an idea I hatched in the Blogging 201 class.

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