Climbing the Emergent Tower: Sharing lessons I’ve learned

Autumn is definitely here; I can see countless signs! With winter nipping at our heels (sob-sob), I’m trying my best to take advantage of the beautiful weather we are enjoying right now. Who’s to say how long it will be before Jack Frost sneaks onto the scene and dramatically changes the landscape. With that in mind, I headed for Holden Arboretum to climb the Emergent Tower this morning with Alison, Bob, and Tom Loomis.

A Lesson Learned

The Emergent Tower is 120 feet (or 12 stories) tall, very well constructed, and not a difficult climb.  However, there are a few things you should bear in mind if you set out:

  • Don’t go on an empty stomach. Eat a good meal if you are considering the climb. I learned that lesson this morning after I stood in my kitchen and gobbled down a meager bowl of cereal because I was running late and “Just didn’t have time to eat.”
  • Make sure you are well hydrated. Also, it doesn’t hurt to carry water because the climb can make you thirsty. Although it doesn’t take a long time, it is exercise that makes your heart work a little harder than normal. You could get a little winded and thirsty.
  • Wear good walking shoes. I actually saw someone climbing in high heeled shoes. I wouldn’t recommend it!
  • Don’t take your dog. They’re not allowed on the tower, and don’t take small children in strollers. You cannot climb the Tower pulling a stroller behind you.
  • The Tower does sway. The more climbers, the more it sways. It’s built that way. It’s not unsafe, but it can be a little unsettling for people who don’t like heights.
  • On each level there is a deck where you can stop to catch your breath and enjoy the view. There is also a chair if you should want to sit, rest, and relax for a few minutes.
  • A phenomenal view of the countryside is your reward IF you make it all the way to the top, so don’t give up when you’re part way there. Just set a pace that works for you and keep climbing. I’m pushing 80, and I’ve climbed the tower twice, so I’m sure you can too!
  • I hope you remembered to carry your camera (or phone) because when you reach the top, you will want to snap a few pictures of the view and a selfie or two to prove that you were there.

Check out the gallery below for a few pictures that I took at the Arboretum today. Maybe they will inspire you to get out there and go for a walk along the trail. Any trail will do; just put on your walking shoes and head to the nearest trail. Have fun!

That’s it for today. I’m looking forward to another trail walk soon, and I hope you will join me.
~Trail Walker

10 Replies to “Climbing the Emergent Tower: Sharing lessons I’ve learned”

  1. What a timely post. I am going to attempt this climb this week, with a friend who is older than I am, but probably in better shape. Hope my knees hold out!


    1. Hi Roz. I hope you have a really great climb. I would love to see some of your pictures. My knees weren’t a problem. If I had eaten a good breakfast and been well hydrated, the climb would have been much easier.


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