A walk down Memory Lane

Today my husband was cleaning out some very old files and came across these S & H Green Stamps. He showed them to me, and it sent both of us on a short trip down Memory Lane.


My usual trail walks are outdoors in parks and nature centers, so admittedly this is a bit of a stretch, but I thought it would be fun to post the picture and see how many people will confess to being old enough to remember them. If you want to know a little more trivia about the stamps, click here. According to Wikipedia, back in the day they were popular enough to receive mentions in films, albums, TV shows, and comic strips. For example, in a Hard Day’s Night (1964), starring The Beatles, John Lennon mentions Green Stamps to Paul McCartney when joking that “he’ll get the best lawyer they can buy.”

Who knew? Did you?

Trail Walker

10 Replies to “A walk down Memory Lane”

  1. Oh that is so incredible. Just last week while watching a lady in check out at the World Market, fussing with the cashier about her smart phone online coupons, the two of them handing the phone back and forth….my husband queries me ? “Remember S& H Greenstamps. Which sent us both off on all the details we could recall. I am laughing to find this post! So cool.


  2. Oh yes, I remember Green Shield stamps in the UK. Then there were coupons that you got with each pack of cigarettes – my grandparents were chain smokers and collected many things with Kensitas coupons.


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