Share a smile today!

To the little squirrel playing in the grass outside our church, this big sunflower must have seemed as wonderful as Christmas morning to a little child. I don’t know if he had discovered it on the ground, dragged it from a nearby garden, or if it was a gift from a squirrel-loving human, but it undoubtedly was the best thing that had happened to him in a long time. He poked his nose into the middle of the blossom, nibbled on it, picked it up with his paws, flipped it over, and had the time of his life. Best of all, none of the other neighborhood squirrels had noticed this marvelous treat, so he had it all to himself. A friend pointed this photo moment out to me. It made me smile, so I grabbed my camera out of the car so I could share the smiles with you.

Share a smile with someone today. My friend did, and I did too!
Now it’s your turn.
Trail Walker

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