Fabulous Friday Faces: Tom

2016_01_08_Trailwalks_CRP_0015Regular followers of my blog will know about the feature I call Fabulous Friday Faces. On my trail walks in the park, one of the things I enjoy is meeting new people and taking their picture to add to my gallery of Fabulous Friday Faces. I haven’t been very regular about it lately, so I am trying to get back on track in the new year.

This week, I was walking past the fire pit in Chagrin River Park  where four people were warming themselves around a blazing fire. Two of the people, Joe and Jessie, are old acquaintances who are already members of my FFF gallery, so I stopped to say hello, and that’s when I met Tom. Like Joe, Jessie, and many others, Tom is a regular visitor to CRP. As he told me, it is a great little park, a peaceful place where you can appreciate nature and also enjoy conversations with lots of interesting people that you might not get to know otherwise. Thanks for giving me permission to add your portrait to my FFF gallery. You can see it HERE, along with Jessie and Joe,and the other Fabulous Friday Faces I have been thankful to meet in the past two years.

Hope to see you again soon!
Trail Walker aka Carolyn

3 Replies to “Fabulous Friday Faces: Tom”

  1. What a nice face! Very grandfatherly. Loved picture of that majestic hawk–my favorite bird. Always look for them when on interstates. MG


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