Another Fabulous Friday Face!

Friday was a great day, photographically speaking. I ran into my old friends, JESSIE AND JOE, sitting at the fire pit in Chagrin River Park. On another bench by the fire was someone I assumed was a regular park visitor, although I had never really met him and didn’t know his name.  Since Jessie and Joe were already in my FFF gallery, after  a short conversation with the group, I asked this stranger if I could take his picture to include in my gallery.

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know that meeting strangers and getting their picture for my FFF gallery is something I’ve been doing for the last couple of years. People are all different in their reactions when I ask for a photo opp. Some are visibly surprised, but then cheerfully agree. Others are a little reluctant, but decide to go with the flow. I can only remember one who refused to be photographed. To make a long story short, this stranger, who introduced himself as Tom, indicated that having his picture taken by a strange woman with a camera was no big deal, so I took Tom’s picture and posted it HERE.

After that, I said goodbye to Jessie and Joe, and moving on down the trail,  I headed for my favorite bird watching spot to see what birds might be willing to pose for my camera. Arriving there, I encountered another photographer I had never met, so we  introduced ourselves and, since I was on a roll today requesting photo opps of strangers,  after a brief conversation (about photography of course) I asked if I could add his portrait to my FFF gallery. He agreed. (You gotta love these agreeable people! They can really make for a great day.) So here’s Bill.


And HERE he is, officially added to my gallery of Fabulous Friday Faces.  FFF is a (fairly) regular feature on my blog, but the ongoing gallery is posted on SmugMug, where you can read more about it and see the other fabulous faces I’ve added since December 2013.

This particular Friday was really becoming a photographic gold mine. And, although I didn’t know it yet, there was still more to come down the trail before I headed for home. However, I think this post is already long (and confusing) enough, so here is a link to the episode about the HAWK AND THE FIELD MOUSE. Go on, click the link. You don’t want to miss my final thrilling trail walking experience on this amazing day.

See you there!
Trail Walker

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