Today dawned with sunshine and a blue sky, but by the time I reached the park in mid-afternoon, the sunbeams had done a vanishing act and left behind nothing but grey and gloomy. Nevertheless, I set out on a trail walk, mainly because I wanted to try out some new settings on my camera.  Despite the clouds, the park was so crowded I was lucky to find a parking spot, and the trails were filled with dog walkers, photographers, families, and deer (lots of deer). I can’t explain it because it wasn’t sunny or warm, and there wasn’t a hint of spring in the air, but apparently half the population of western Lake County had decided that this was their day to visit Chagrin River Park.

My new camera settings worked well, HAWK, OWL, and many little birds were willing to pose for photo opps, and after an hour on the trails, I came home with quite a few images. Unfortunately, because the sky was such a featureless grey blanket, it added nothing to the pictures, giving most of them a sepia tone, which was definitely not what I wanted. So I have decided to share just a few close ups of HAWK for today’s blog post (Click on a picture to scroll through the gallery to really appreciate this beautiful bird).

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed HAWK’S close up portraits.

Thanks for joining me on the trail.
Trail Walker


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