Snow Day!

Today we had a Snow Day…a day when snow fell fast and heavy overnight, making for slick roads and dangerous driving in the morning. Last winter we had quite a few days like this along with single digit temperatures. This year we’ve seen very little snow, no snow days and only a few days with wind chills hovering around zero. What a difference a year makes! Because we are located on the south shore of Lake Erie, our weather can be variable and quite fickle. Today’s Snow Day was an extra holiday for all the school kids, so the park was full of kids, parents, dogs, sleds, and a few photographers. I spent three hours walking the trails in Chagrin River Park and captured lots of pictures, so I have chosen a few to post today.

That’s all I have time for right now, but there will be more to share later in the week.

Thanks for joining me on the trail today.
Trail Walker

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