Out of my comfort zone…Again!

A special exhibit currently at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens is titled Orchid Mania. Today my friend Marti and I went to see the orchids. Visiting the Botanical Gardens is always a treat. Today was no exception. The displays were amazing. I took a lot of pictures and chose four for today’s post. As you may have noticed, I am not a “flower photographer.” Nor am I  a gardener or an orchid aficionado, but orchids are gorgeous, and today’s trail walk was a wonderful opportunity to stretch my photography skills again. The four pictures I chose for this post include two orchids, one tree, and one exotic bird unlike any I would see on my usual trails.

2016_02_26_Trailwalk_Botanical Garden_0035
An exotic bird at the Botanical Garden
2016_02_26_Trailwalk_Botanical Garden_0038
Baobab tree

The baobab tree was huge!  Much too large to capture with my 35mm lens, so you’re only seeing part of it. Orchids, vines, butterflies, and birds were at home on its gigantic trunk, limbs, and branches.

And now the orchids. Only two for today, but I will post more tomorrow when I have more time. Naturally I don’t know their names. Anyone knowledgeable about orchids is welcome to leave that information in the comment section at the end of the post.

2016_02_26_Trailwalk_Botanical Garden_0028
A very pink orchid!
2016_02_26_Trailwalk_Botanical Garden_0015
Pink and white striped orchid

Time to stop for tonight. Flower person or not, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Botanical Garden today, and I’m looking forward to a return visit in the spring. Today was a beautiful day with blue skies and puffy clouds, but it wasn’t spring yet. The thermometer barely made it above the freezing mark, but I’m not complaining. It isn’t snowing!

Thanks for joining me on the trail today.
See you soon!
Trail Walker

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