Especially for orchid lovers

In my last post I only had time to post four photos from my visit to the  Orchid Mania exhibit at Cleveland’s Botanical Garden. Today I am back with more pictures for those of you who love orchids. In addition a variety of orchids, the gallery below includes other things I saw at Orchid Mania: there were families of all ages, birds, butterflies, a new type of orchid called watercolor orchids, and a panther chameleon. I watched the chameleon for a while and talked to a volunteer who was feeding it. He (the chameleon) was born and raised at the Botanical Garden, and he reacts to red. I was wearing a red sweater, and when I approached to get a picture of him, the red on his skin turned a deeper shade, and the bristles on his back raised up, indicating that he felt threatened. Take a close look at him in the gallery below. Click on any picture to scroll through the gallery. You will see several pictures of the watercolor orchids. I was having a little fun with my focus point and depth of field. Can you notice the difference?

As I wrote in my previous post, flower photography and indoor photography are both pretty far outside my comfort zone. My last few trail walk posts have challenged me as a photographer, so it was a good learning experience, as well as a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Thanks for joining me at Orchid Mania.
Trail Walker

5 Replies to “Especially for orchid lovers”

  1. Oh my!!! Love all those orchids. Looks like a fantastic event to go and browse through. Those watercolor orchids are something! Thanks for sharing.


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