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Would you like to try…

…a tasty bark butter bit? I’ll share. You can have this one!

2016_04_08_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0050

I don’t know how humans feel about bark butter bits, but I know the birds love them, not just red-bellied woodpeckers like me, but all the birds, and even the deer. Trail Walker sometimes brings a handful of these to the park to share with us, but I recently  heard her tell one of the other people that it’s not good to feed the birds. Not good to feed the birds? That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. Do you think it’s just because she is stingy and wants to keep most of the bark butter bits for herself? I wonder? Sometimes people have the strangest ideas.

Hope you enjoyed this message from the RBW.
See you soon!
Trail Walker


I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer and nature lover, inviting you to join me on my trail walks.

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