Angry bird

Walking back to my car today, I spotted a grackle at the edge of the bog struggling to pick up a large strip of plastic that repeatedly slipped out of his beak and slid back into the water. He persisted for a while, but finally gave up in disgust. From the look on his face, I’m thinking he muttered a few choice words to voice his frustration.

2016_04_13_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0219
Grackle found a treasure!
2016_04_13_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0223
He struggled with it, but it slipped out of his beak.

It was obvious that he was irritated that it (whatever it was) wouldn’t cooperate. I’m not sure what he what he thought it would be good for, but he was visibly and verbally angry that he had to give up on his project.

2016_04_13_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0224

It was a quiet morning in the park. The futility of Grackle’s project was the biggest drama I saw on the trail today. I can’t wait to see what turns up tomorrow.

Thanks for joining me on the trail today.
See you soon.
Trail Walker

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