Announcement: the wrens have returned!

2016_05_23_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0107


House wrens were showing up all over the place this morning…at least all along the trail I was walking. I’m really not sure how many different wrens I saw, but I’m sure there was more than one. Wrens apparently are cavity nesters, and for several years I have watched them go in and out of this dead tree. Every year they return to the nest, and I was delighted to see them return this spring. It took some patience on my part to get this picture because the wren(s) don’t make a direct approach to the nest, and I took lots of pictures before she finally posed on the top of the tree. Here are a few of the outtakes:

Watching the wrens was a lot of fun, and took up most of my time today, but here are a few others I added to my gallery this morning.

A tufted titmouse that landed right in front of my camera:

2016_05_23_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0113


A black-capped chickadee

2016_05_23_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0019

A tiny hummingbird sitting on the very top of a tall tree:

2016_05_23_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0152

2016_05_23_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0132Two pictures of indigo bunting…

2016_05_23_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0145


…and FINALLY,  a tiny chipmunk let me walk really close to him to get this picture. He was well hidden behind a branch, but I got this shot by slowly walking around the end of the branch until we were almost face-to-face. Maybe he thought I hadn’t seen him. That’s the advantage of carrying a 300mm lens.

2016_05_23_Trailwalk_Chagrin River Park_0042

That’s all for today. Hope you like them too. Tomorrow I meeting a friend for a trail walk at Holden Arboretum. The pictures will be different, so stop by to see what I find along the trail.

Thanks for joining me on the trail today.
Trail Walker

4 Replies to “Announcement: the wrens have returned!”

    1. Sheryl, you post marvelous black and white photographs time after time. I love that and hope someday to learn how to do it well, especially for my Fabulous Friday Faces. In the meantime, vibrant color speaks to me, and I am loving these spring warblers!


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