Unwrapping gifts

Color Me Autumn…Again and Again!

Today was a perfect day to wander the trails in the Arboretum and marvel at  God’s amazing creation. Each turn in the trail revealed another amazing sight… many multi-colored gifts. Because you weren’t there,  I brought home a few “gifts” to share.

Click on the sugar maple at the top, then imagine you are strolling along the trail as you scroll through the pictures. Enjoy!

 Thanks for taking this trail walk with me!
Trail Walker

10 Replies to “Unwrapping gifts”

  1. What outstanding weather you all are aving there…meanwhile we have had the most Oct. rains ever…except today was lovely GO TRIBE YAY XOXO clare


    1. You are right, Clare. It has been outstanding. I will be sorry to see it end. Keep cheering for the Tribe. Things are very exciting and tense in Cleveland, as your brother may have told you.


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