The years fly by!


Today’s blog post is the oldest in a series of three visits to Overlook Park on Lake Erie. The first in the series was posted just last week. The second goes back to a summer evening in 2013, and today’s pictures were taken on May 5, 2011. One park but three different occasions. Here are a few more family shots taken during the May visit. Included in the picture are two daughters, one son-in-law, four grandchildren, and Bob. We were out for family pizza night at a restaurant near the park, and I talked them into a little photoshoot.

That’s it for my posts in this series. I had fun “mining” my photo archives, but this particular series is all mined out, unless I return some day for another photoshoot in Overlook Park. My message to you is to give it a try. If you have built up a sizable collection of photos, consider mining it for some themes and create a series. You just might enjoy it!

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It was a cold and cloudy morning…

It was a cold, cloudy morning at the end of November. A storm had blown through the neighborhood during the night, but we hadn’t heard a thing (although others did), and this is what Bob saw when he took Gulliver outside for an early morning walk.



The top of one of the very tall oak trees in our back yard had broken off. Fortunately it didn’t fall all the way to the ground, nor did it hit anything on the way down. Instead it broke off and lodged in the branches of another nearby tree. Because the tree top was securely stuck where it had fallen, we had a few days to arrange for a crew to take down the entire tree before it caused serious damage.

So on Saturday morning, the crew arrived and set things up so the tree would (hopefully) fall in the right direction without taking out anything below it (think cars, sheds, bird feeders, bedroom windows, and such). Preparations took a couple of hours, but the actual toppling of the tall tree happened very quickly. To my disgust, I missed the big event. When I heard it crack and start to topple, I grabbed my camera and dashed out, but it had already thudded to the ground,  pretty much where the crew had predicted.


Grabbing their power saws, the men cut the part of the trunk and branches that had landed in our neighbor’s yard into sections. We trimmed and moved most of it over onto our property, but at the end of the day, our back yard, including the area I call the “back yard bird buffet,” was still a huge mess of logs, stumps, branches, and twigs.

Family and friends to the rescue!

The next day after church our daughters Becky and Alison, sons-in-law Mike and Marty, and several of Mike’s friends showed up with pizza and landscaping equipment to continue the cleanup job. Mike, a paramedic and lieutenant in the Willoughby Fire Department, sometimes works landscaping jobs with another paramedic. This is the wonderful volunteer crew that spent several hours putting our “Back yard Bird Buffet” back into business.

We can’t thank them enough for the hours they spent that cold Sunday afternoon. We’ve decided to leave the brush pile right where it is for the winter. Because it provides plenty of places to perch as well as protection from the elements and possible hawk incursions, we are seeing a huge increase in bird activity. Take a look…

There you have it: the saga of our fallen tree. As there are still about six more very tall trees out there,  I wonder if I should worry every time it storms?

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Cellpic Sunday: Snow!


First real snowfall

Bob was helping our daughter clear the snow from her driveway. What a relief when a man named Otis came along and agreed to clear it with the plow on his truck for a reasonable fee. As far as I was concerned, Otis was a life saver.

This was our first real snowfall for the season. We got about 15 inches of the white stuff, and it isn’t officially  winter for another 10 days. I’m fantasizing about spending a few months in a warmer climate…say from February through April.

This is the first Cellpic Sunday post I’ve made entirely with my iPhone 6+.



Unwrapping gifts

Color Me Autumn…Again and Again!

Today was a perfect day to wander the trails in the Arboretum and marvel at  God’s amazing creation. Each turn in the trail revealed another amazing sight… many multi-colored gifts. Because you weren’t there,  I brought home a few “gifts” to share.

Click on the sugar maple at the top, then imagine you are strolling along the trail as you scroll through the pictures. Enjoy!

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Keeping busy!

Summer time! The best time of the year for street fairs, art festivals, outdoor markets, and caramel corn.

Recently I was given the opportunity to spend all day Saturday at our local arts festival as a volunteer photographer. I had a great time. Those pictures, some of them, are what I want to share in this blog post. I hope you see images here that remind you of your own summer days filled with similar activities.


And then there’s the food. There’s nothing better than a gigantic bag of caramel corn, licking an ice cream cone on a hot day, or feasting on a plate filled with barbecue.

2016_07_16_Street photography_Fine Arts Festival 2016_03092016_07_16_Street photography_Fine Arts Festival 2016_0073

Are you hungry yet? Thanks for visiting the arts fest with me today.

See you soon!
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Kindness is an action word!

A dog that is treated with kindness is a happy dog. In Gulliver’s case, a daily dose of kindness comes in the form of a treat given with affectionate words that let him know he is special. It  is the high point of his day, a brief moment he eagerly anticipates! As Gulliver’s “humans,” it makes us happy too. Gully is a 13 year old springer spaniel. He’s slowing down and sleeps a lot, but meal time and mail time are the best times of his day. They get him moving! (Click a picture to enlarge.)

That’s it for today. Not the normal trail walk, but more a “moment to remember.” Thanks for stopping by. There will be more trail walks this week, so keep coming back. Gotta get out there and enjoy the wonderful fall color.

Trail Walker

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