Cellpic Sunday: Snow!


First real snowfall

Bob was helping our daughter clear the snow from her driveway. What a relief when a man named Otis came along and agreed to clear it with the plow on his truck for a reasonable fee. As far as I was concerned, Otis was a life saver.

This was our first real snowfall for the season. We got about 15 inches of the white stuff, and it isn’t officially  winter for another 10 days. I’m fantasizing about spending a few months in a warmer climate…say from February through April.

This is the first Cellpic Sunday post I’ve made entirely with my iPhone 6+.



10 Replies to “Cellpic Sunday: Snow!”

  1. Just got back to Fargo a couple of days ago and couldn’t resist a snow-covered Cellpic Sunday coming in a couple of days. I see Fargo didn’t get as much snow as you have. Remind me, please, where you live.


    1. I’ve never been in the Fargo area, but I was imagining that it would be very snowy in the winter. I live in northeastern Ohio, just a mile from the Lake Erie shoreline. We are on the western fringe of “the snow belt” that extends from the northeast corner of Ohio and continues northeast through the corner of PA (Think Erie) to Buffalo, NY. That’s where they get a LOT of snow. We got another five inches or so last night, but a little warm up is on the way, so there will be freezing rain, sleet, and melting. Oh joy! Much of the snow that falls in this area is “lake effect” snow because of our proximity to several of the Great Lakes.

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  2. You’ve got a very lovely house, dear Carolyn! Congratulations with your first snow. Here we had already several of them! I’ve captured many winter pictures!

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  3. Nice picture. It’s rather warm down here in Florida. Have plenty of room if you want to warm up and not have to worry about shoveling snow, just sand

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