Soup for Supper

An invitation from my daughter to “Come over this afternoon and make some chicken soup”; a whole chicken simmering for hours until the stock was rich and well seasoned; plenty of chopped fresh vegetables; and a dollop of patience…That’s what it took to make a large pot of savory soup.

Believe it or not, my first venture into making soup, but probably not my last. As I climbed into the car and headed for home with my share of the soup, Becky said, “Next time we’ll make vegetable beef.”

This post was created entirely with my iPhone 6+ for cellpic Sunday.

6 Replies to “Soup for Supper”

  1. Hah! You did it. Yes, you must try the beef soup next and let us know.
    My only really successful soup is the butternut squash soup — made with apples and onions and lots of butternut, and pureed at the end. I was so shocked that it turned out well, that I keep making it over and over. Luckily, my family likes it (or they say they do).

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